The ultimate in excellent care with best performance and wash results, guaranteed. Designed specifically for safe and simple operation. A large door opening, easy-to-use interface, a very low noise and vibration level are appreciated features. Simple unbreakable technology designed for Africa’s harsh conditions.

Industrial Specs

All Electrolux high spin washers come standard a weight detection formula, weighing the linen and adjusting the water and chemical usage accordingly.

Efficient Dosing System

Watch the Efficient Dosing System video and find out how to save up to 40% on your detergents. The system is designed to work with the full range of machines having the AS integrated system (S and H models) and Compass Pro control:

Industrial Specs

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400/450G vs 100/200G washers:

  • Higher extract = lower drying times, quicker turnaround times & longer linen life

  • Suspension system = simple installation & no need for special floor requirements

  • ELECTROLUX H2O SAVE – absorption determined through a secret algorithm, water usage decrease according to the load size LOWEST POSSIBLE WATER USAGE!!!

  • Larger bearing housing & suspension system are the main reasons 400 G machines cost more

  • Lower dryer maintenance due to lighter load from higher G values

  • European market only purchases over 400 G machines due to their effect on energy & labour costs